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Metco Export International provides safe, clean and secure environments for product storage with extensive solutions for cleaning in warehouses. It's often difficult for business owners who are running a high-volume operation to clean warehouse floors thoroughly. During the course of a normal workday, warehouse floors accumulate debris from forklift tires, wooden planks, stocked materials, fuel spills, and various other sources. There are many warehouses operate outside of business hours to accommodate late-night and early-morning deliveries.

Inventory should be stored according to the principles of “first expired, first out.” At Metco Export International we regularly inspect our products at the warehouses so that damaged or expired stock is disposed of safely. Warehouse cleaning broadly categorizes the kind of cleaning applications needed in a warehouse. These include floor sweeping, dust collection, spillages collection, removal of dirt and floor care. At Metco Export International we take optimum care of our warehouses in the form of sweeping machines, vacuum cleaners, high pressure cleaners and centralized vacuum cleaning equipment. Also,we clean oil spillages and tyre mark from forklifts etc., which require aggressive and regular cleaning.

Metco Export International implements state-of-the-art solutions in warehouse management for total assurance of preservation and protection of in-store commodities. At our warehouses we use autoscrubbers for floor cleaning because they have the ability to remove 99.4 percent of soils from surfaces. We have our own warehouse/distribution centre management which includes services for handling, managing and transporting commodities stored in warehouses and distribution centres.

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